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Personal Business on Professional Networking Sites

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Putting your personal business on professional networking sites is a huge¬†NO right? Well, I thought so until someone in a private finance group pointed out that she’d noticed an uptick in people posting long hard luck stories on professional sites like Linkedin.

I’m shocked that this would be seen as appropriate¬†much less productive in finding a job in the future. While I can sympathize with anyone job hunting today I can’t see how telling your personal business would elicit anything besides pity. Instead, use that extra energy to think outside the box.

Maybe you have a skill set that you can start your own business with, long unemployment periods have inspired many to become entrepreneurs. You’d be surprised what you can make into a business these days, find a need and then find a way to fill it. If you notice that your job is being eliminated in the market then use the same work experience to enter a new field that needs your unique skills. Be creative, ask friends and family what they see as your strong points. Many times we overlook special traits that can be monetized.

We can all benefit from taking time to look within and reassessing our life. Good Luck Stealthprenuers!