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Stealthpreneur??? Giving and taking my own advice.

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Yes, stealthpreneur. I didn’t find much information about the word so I immediately did an internet search because:

Rule #1: Google is your friend.

Rule #2: Google knows a lot but not everything.

I did find it listed as a that the owners let expire in July 2017. Sad since I think it’s such a cool made up word. And since it is a made-up word, let me do the honors of making up a definition too.

Stealthpreneur – noun, An entrepreneur who doesn’t discuss every detail of every step they take in business on social media or even in close circles offline. Keeping their business moves to themselves, they know that there will be a lower risk of said ideas being ripped off and capitalized upon before they’ve had a chance to monetize and release it themselves.

Now I do realize that some business people HAVE to talk about what they’re doing online because that’s how they attract clients and customers. If you have already created, packaged and branded what you are talking about online you’re not in this category, you’re doing it the right way.

I’m speaking of the people who aren’t in the finishing stages of releasing a product, in fact, they haven’t even started researching how to make the product they want to sell. Talking about ideas on social media is a fantastic way to see it come to life – in someone else’s mind. Someone who may have the means to get it produced and released well before you. Leaving you upset while they pocket the profits off of your idea. Yes, you may have thought of it first but did you have it licensed, copyrighted or trademarked? If you did then congratulations, you may have a chance of recouping some of that lost money once you hire a lawyer. But if you didn’t do any of those things then no amount of online “receipts” will bring you vindication much less money.

A decade of being on the internet and some form of social media has given me the opportunity¬†to see this happen over and over again. It’s upsetting to see someone fall into the trap of posts for likes and attention when you see them hand over brilliant ideas to the internet, it’s a gamble that many lose on. I’ve had some of my online social media accounts for years, custom logos and everything, and because I hadn’t sold one item under this name it was open to being stolen by anyone (no trademark or copyright on it). It hurts to think that just anyone would do this but business is business and capitalizing on an already established name is nothing new.

If you’re just starting out in the world of the entrepreneur please take a small piece of advice from me and KEEP YOUR IDEAS TO YOURSELF! Especially if everything’s being built on a shoestring budget and you can’t¬† afford to copyright, trademark or license. I understand the excitement and the urge to share but please don’t until you have all your ducks in a row and can do it properly. Once you are ready to get sales then talk, talk, talk yourself till you’re blue in the face and get that $$$.

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Start 2018 on the right note!

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Start 2018 on the right note! Set your personal and professional goals for 2018 in the first few weeks of the year. I started my first planner at the beginning of 2017. I had important goals to accomplish for the year:

  • Learn how to properly budget and raise my credit score
  • Pay off my student loans
  • Start my own business

Obviously, all of these goals are intertwined and one cannot be accomplished without the other, this was intentional. When I decided that I wanted to start my own company I knew that I needed to free up money which could be easier by eliminating student loans. That could be done be getting my finances in order and budgeting properly, I knew it could be done but making less than $15K a year it was really tight.

My planner became my go-to for everything that happened to me and the people that helped me along the way. I kept track of all bills, online class times, great contacts from other small business owners, etc. It was always with me to jot down simple ideas/designs for my online store. With a real planner in hand you can easily look back on all you’re doing and what you have left to tackle. Take the time to write in a little motivation or rewards for yourself when you hit goals. At the beginning of 2017, I set the reward of going on a solo trip by October. I had no idea where but it was exciting to think about while I made countless phone calls, trips to city hall and logged hours at my laptop learning SEO and building my online store. I was able to take a quick weekend trip in September and it was such a boost to my self-esteem to see all that I had accomplished in nine short months.

Planners can be whatever you want but be sure to personalize it to your needs and tastes. I went for monthly themes and bright colors. The inside cover has a picture of me, my business logos, and goals for the year. Every month I have one big goal but it’s not set in stone. If you have a daily/weekly planner please utilize this space for mapping out ad releases and promos. Any correspondence to individuals or companies can be kept in these areas also, you can do reminders without becoming a nuisance. This year I have the month of May set as a travel goal, very ambitious but with my store up and running I feel confident it will happen. The back cover can be your year in review during December. Write down where you succeeded and what areas need more work in order for you to be successful in them. This is a great time to celebrate your hard work and keep in a positive head space as you plan for the next year.

You don’t have to get fancy or pricey, I’ve bought both of mine for less than $20 at Target, Amazon* has a large selection also. I decorate mine with scrap booking supplies and decorative tape that I get from the Dollar Tree and other discount stores.

*Links are through Amazon Affiliate program